Eligibility: Eligibility queries

GP Originals eligibility regulations and Series rules have remained relatively unchanged since their inception, however we have been working extremely hard to clarify points in more detail.

GP Originals is a collective – riders and supporters are most welcome to provide magazines, programmes or any other date-proven evidence to support new or amended proposals. The bigger the database of factual information the better.


Please download the current eligibility document.

If you have any complaint or question

Eligibility is a contentious issue that breathes fire into heated debates! Please study the regs and if in any doubt get in touch before spending your hard earned race budget. If you feel we are wrong, that’s no problem! However, we kindly ask for personal communication with your help to provide suitable examples.

Social media can be a destructive force and we expect a high level of conduct and courtesy to riders and volunteers. Anyone with a complaint should contact us directly and attempt to resolve issues amicably. Please remember groups and chat on Facebook are unreliable sources for accurate news and information.