Eligibility: Machine registration

Please use the links below to download the machine registration form. You will need to complete this form before your first GP Originals meeting and supply four clear photographs:

We do not charge a fee for eligibility, therefore you do not receive a certificate. All the files are stored and can be accessed by our team during the race weekend. This documentation is your statement that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the eligibility requirements for GP Originals. Our team do not analyse photos to pick-up on issues, however if something is noticed we will let you know.

When you supply your photographs please wheel your machine outside, stand back, squat down and compose a clear, straight-on image of the whole bike. You can send them via email or other message apps but please make sure they are the original size.

  • Fairing on from the left
  • Fairing on from the right
  • Fairing off from the left
  • Fairing off from the right


Please download the current eligibility document.


Please download the machine registration form.

Who needs to do these photos and forms?

Every rider must have submitted their eligibility or run the risk of being excluded from the results, points, prizes etc. You do not need to do it every year if your bike remains the same. If you change components that are listed on the form you will need to resupply the form. If your machine has visibly changed please supply revised photographs.

If you have purchased a bike from a previous GP Originals rider you will need to provide a new set of eligibility documents as your own statement that you have read and understood the conditions to ride in the Series.