Products: BSR TZ350 chain adjusters

Bill Simpson has been making handmade race frames for almost 50 years and with a 1976 Production TT win to his name, Bill was a successful racer. His racing career was the perfect platform to build on his ideas and fabrication skills. Bill’s son Ian took up the Simpson mantle and also excelled in motorcycle racing. The Scotsman celebrated three TT victories, five North West 200 wins, and a further five British Championship titles.

GP Originals eligible swing arms

Over the 2018/19 off-season, a heated debate ensued across social media on the topic of swingarms. Although much of the chatter was ill-founded we decided we would tackle our own riders’ thoughts on the subject. We conducted a survey and arrived at a sensible agreement for future eligibility at GP Originals.

BSR TZ350 swingers with GP Originals eligible chain adjusters

BSR TZ350 racing fabrication

Bill has developed a period design of chain adjustment to complement his BSR TZ350 swingarm. We would like to thank Bill for his proactive response and with the support of manufacturers like himself the Series can continue its growth.

BSR swingarms are handmade from the best high-grade aluminium, designed to be lightweight and strong. Taper roller bearings are in place at the pivot point and the product has been thoroughly tested to the limit over many years. These are made-to-order at £2,100 including caliper bracket, sharksfin, hugger, wheel spindle and period chain adjusters.

If you are making a new order and plan to race at GP Originals or wish to ensure future eligibility please opt for the period chain adjusters. The swingarm can be made to fit a standard Yamaha frame, take the original 350 wheel or accommodate the slightly wider Avon tyre commonly used today.

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