News: Race numbers

These race numbers were allocated to all our rider members for the 2020 season. In line with last season, riders have until the 31st January to renew their membership and retain this race number for 2021. After this date, we will re-allocate the number should anyone request it.

Allocating race numbers is an extremely difficult task as many are requested by more than one person and we know everyone is attached to their number! To guarantee your number year-on-year, you will need to race with us at as many rounds as possible. If you do not race with us we cannot hold it for you.

Your allocated number with stay with you throughout the year, we don’t swap them about race-by-race. The host clubs will also use this list so please make sure you put the right number on your entries to avoid unnecessary admin.

Please note: these numbers relate to GP Originals only, you may be given a different race number in any second rides subject to availability with the host club.

2020 GP Originals race numbers

Phil Atkinson1
Gael Machard2
Nick Bedford3
Mike Farrall4
Steve Boam5
Derek Skinner6
Roger Marsh7
Robin Lamb8
Dave Cooper9
Martin Wimmer10
Danny Murphy11
Ian Bain12
Paul Fyson13
Alan Burman14
Nick Williamson15
Dan Walling16
Stuart Tonge17
Glenn Peters18
Mark Henrys19
Mike Grigson20
Mark Goodyear21
Tony Perkin22
Gary Vines23
Glen English25
Mark Phillips26
Mark Linton27
Liam McCarter28
Colin Sleigh29
Ian Simpson30
Phil Stead31
Roy Flower32
Chris Moore33
Dave Grigson34
Keith Millen36
Rich Grinling37
Travis Vince38
Vince Cundle39
Ant Hodson40
Sian Brooks42
Simon Collins44
Seb Perez45
Kevin Rowbotham46
John Hannaford47
Craig Ridgley48
Nigel Palmer49
George Thomas50
Ian Hutchman51
Paul Kirkby52
Fernando Mendes53
Jorge Herrera54
Dan Jackson55
Mike Smith56
Ewan Hamilton57
Chris Rose58
Jason Burrill59
David Lenton60
Clive Somerfield61
Ian Cowles62
Dorian Eardley64
Christian Mulet65
Gordon Russell67
Michael Russell68
Brian Beck69
Tony Green70
Robert Hall71
Steve Pond73
Jamie O’Brien74
Ant Hart75
Andy Glasgow77
Robert Burns78
Andy Ruck82
Gareth Arnold83
Jean-Rene Marmelat84
Mark Edge88
Andrew Tempest89
Derek Cripps92
Paul Owen98
Kenny Hill99
Warren Beese112
Andrew Green114
Peter Howarth116
Stuart Hall117
David Gilbert131
Paul Whiting132
George Hogton Rusling144
Grant Goodings146
Graham Higlett150
Roy Chapman155
Rob Bowden166
Ian Walton173
Jonathan Hindle178
Neil Watson181
John Paget199
Mark Rogers221
Chris Bassett264
Kevin Fawsitt301
Aldo Morello337