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Roose Motorsport offer discounts to GP Originals riders

We are delighted to announce that Roose Motorsport have agreed to offer their excellent quality hoses and clips to GP Originals members at a whopping 50% off.

Savings for your budget and safety

We have been thinking hard about how to help our grid improve on the rate of DNFs. After much discussion on this topic with Steve Carthy Motorcycles, we decided that there were far too many failed hose clips and lost water incidents. Michelle promptly approached Roose Motorsport and found they were happy to provide support with a 50% discount for our riders.

Broken clips are a common cause of accidents and DNFs as they will fatigue with constant use and over-tightening. We encourage all our riders to replace them frequently, especially the ones you are taking on and off regularly. Please speak to Roose for advice on how tight to do them up, their clips are made of stainless and are manufactured to a high quality.

Order by telephone

This is not an online offer, please telephone Roose Motorsport directly on 01522 787187 with your order – they have access to an up-to-date GP Originals membership list to confirm who is eligible for the discount.

Roose Motorsport offer complete kits for post classic TZ250, 350 and 750 machines which are all eligible for their generous discount.

Contact Roose Motorsport

Contact Roose Motorsport on: 01522 787187 or 
visit their website to view their range of hoses and clips.

Terms: Roose Motorsport reserve the right to limit the volume of orders using this discount per member.
Discount applies to selected products. Evidence of membership status is provided by GP Originals only. Abuse of social media may exclude you from all GP Originals offers. Subject to terms and conditions of Roose Motorsport.