Sponsors: Avon Tyres

Avon Tyres have long been established as the go-to tyre for classic motorcycle racing. Avon were onboard with GP Originals from the beginning and provide two rear tyres per UK round. We award these as a prize draw so every rider has the opportunity to win.

Classic racing tyres

Avon are offering their race compound AM-Series tyres at the following rates to GP Originals members:

AM22 classic racing tyre
£132.50 +VAT (RRP £142.00)
110/80VB18 • Front
110/80VB18 • Soft or medium rear

AM23 classic racing tyre
£150.00 +VAT (RRP £164.00)
130/650VB18 • Soft or medium rear
130/70VB18 • Soft or medium rear

Get in touch with Avon Tyres

You can contact Steve Smith on 01225 357316 or by email
Visit their website at www.avonmotorsport.com