Sponsors: EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes sponsor GP Originals post classic racing in the UK

EBC Brakes have been the go-to brake pad and disc supplier for 40 years. The US-owned company produces the largest range of brake pads in the world, manufactured both in the UK and the United States. Over half a billion sets of EBC disc brake pads for motorcycles and cars have been sold.

Breaking news at GP Originals

The first 20 riders to get their race entries in pronto for our Cadwell Park round will all receive a selection of race-budget-saving products.

20 pairs of EBC Brakes’ race compound brake pads (GPFAX016HH) for the Lockheed CP2696 caliper. All riders need to do is get your entry in as early as possible, arrive on race day and sign-on for the full weekend. This reward is worth over £55.00

Discounted EBC products

Visit the EBC Brakes Direct to view their products. Email us to receive your 20% GP Originals member discount code.

Terms: EBC Brakes reserve the right to limit the volume of orders using this promotional offer per member. Early entry rewards are for two day entry only.
Discount applies to selected products. Evidence of membership status is provided by GP Originals only. Abuse of social media may exclude you from all GP Originals offers. Subject to terms and conditions of EBC Brakes and EBC Brakes Direct.