Sponsors: Support and sponsorship

We have further support from businesses that love their racing two-strokes and wanted to help out with the expense and admin involved in running this race Series. These contributions are essential to the Series and we offer our sincere thanks on behalf of the team and all the riders.

Raptor Grafix provide vinyl graphics for GP Originals Thundersport podium truck

Jon Howson of Raptor Grafix generously provided our giant vinyl backdrop for the Thundersport GB podium truck in 2019. The vinyl graphics specialist is on-hand for 2020, providing various display items that keep us looking professional throughout the season.

MM Bagnall Refractories sponsor GP Originals motorcycle racing

Mick Bagnall specifically wanted to help the GP Originals team with the burden of running costs and has provided a very welcome £300 for 2020.

Specialists in the repair, maintenance and installation of boilers and refractories dating from the 1940’s through today. Mick says: ‘Don’t give up on your boiler or burner until you’ve spoken to us!’ Contact MM Bagnall on 01782 550978.

GP Originals stickers by Kingfisher Graphics

Kingfisher Graphics kindly print our popular GP Originals stickers. They are displayed on the bikes and riders have them on their vans, toolboxes and anywhere they can stick them!

Thank you for more generous donations

We have received several additional cash donations this season. We are extremely grateful for these valuable gifts – these help towards all the expenses incurred by our team that are otherwise paid for personally. Some are anonymous but we would like to thank Roy Chapman, Manx Arts and RE Car Sales