Eligibility: All about forks

From the very first GP Originals meeting the focus has been on forks. We have strived to ensure forks make a return to proportionate sizes for the machine.

Typical period forks

  • 350cc machines were 35mm in diameter
  • 250cc machines were 40mm in diameter

We understand that genuine original forks can be hard to find therefore we accept 35mm-36mm for the 350s and 40-41mm for the 250s. We allow forks sourced from other machines, within these sizes, but they must have a very similar appearance and period style.

As with all hard-to-find parts, riders should source the most period parts they can find over time. Classic racing presents a different set of challenges to modern classes – most riders collect parts as and when they appear for sale.

Replica forks

There are a number of suppliers providing period replicas such as Ceriani and Marzocchi. Please contact Maxton Suspension and JL Exhausts for prices.

It is your responsibility as the rider to purchase the most period option – for example the GP35R and GP35RD version of the Ceriani would not be suitable due to the addition of large modern external adjusters.

Marzocchi replica forks for GP Originals
Ceriani replica forks for GP Originals

Cartridge kits

You may upgrade your forks using a cartridge kit or internals from other machines. It is your responsibility to ensure that any external adjusters are in keeping with the spirit of the Series. Vibrant anodised colours and large damping adjusters would not have been a period addition!

Maxton Suspension are offering a 10% discount to all GP Originals members on their range of post classic suspension products.