Eligibility: Current regulations

GP Originals held it’s first pilot race meeting in 2017 at Oulton Park, hosted by No Limits Racing. Our eligibility regulations were adapted from the Goodwood Members Meeting Hailwood Trophy regs for post classic Grand Prix motorcycles.


Please download the current eligibility document.


Please download the machine registration form.

The regulations have remained unchanged since their inception, however we have been working extremely hard to clarify points in more detail. For example unearthing a timeline for the introduction of specific parts including four-pot brake calipers.

Period racing

The machine requirements are based on what was being raced at international level during the period for each class:

  • Up to 31st December 1981 for 350cc machines
  • Up to 31st December 1984 for 250cc machines

We are open to new evidence should it be presented by riders which may allow a machine part to be made eligible or ineligible. However, we also assess the impact any new information could have on competitiveness. If a modification is likely to create a large divide between the classes or throughout field then it may be disallowed.

Buying replica parts

We all know that classic racing presents different challenges to modern classes. Most of our members are always on the hunt for spares as and when they come up. We urge riders to think about the focus of this Series when buying replacement or replica parts. Please do not replace good originals with modern replicas unless 100% necessary.

Tuning and upgrading

These are Grand Prix machines and we understand that no-one ever raced them out of the box. Modifications and upgrades such as wheels, brakes and suspension were typically the first items to be changed back then as it is today.

There are a wealth of very good replica parts that fit the bill and you are welcome to use them. However, it is the rider’s responsibility to purchase products suitable for period racing with GP Originals. Please be aware we are not following in the footsteps of any other Championships and what may be commonplace at ICGP, for example, may not be suitable for GP Originals.

Engine tuning inside is free but you cannot alter the external appearance of your major engine components. Please contact us directly with your questions and browse the articles on this website for more information.

Tony Perkin and Derek Skinner GP Originals masters© Alex James