News: Full chat with Ewan Hamilton

A rider who’s in for the long-haul

Introducing one of our most regular and reliable GP Originals competitors: Ewan Hamilton. Despite having more than three decades of motorcycle racing under his belt, he hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for the sport. Living in Perthshire, Ewan has a long drive to all of our race meetings. Despite a sore back and the lengthy journeys, he’s always happy to be out racing his bikes. It is an absolute pleasure to have Ewan as such an integral part of GP Originals.

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Ewan’s lifelong passion for racing, in his own words

I got into racing at an early stage in my life. I was approximately 10 when me and my mate took (borrowed) my dad’s Vespa scooter from the shed and raced it up and down the field and timed ourselves till we ran out of fuel.

I didn’t have any real interest in racing until I visited the TT and MGP in 1983. After seeing Joey, Rob Mac, Rog Marshall, Granty, etc go down Bray Hill… I decided this was what I wanted to do. 

I got my licence in 1985 and raced a 250 LC. I thought that if I’m going to the IoM I need a TZ. So, my love affair with TZs started, I bought a Lowboy Maxton TZ350 and raced that in 1986.

National licence achieved, I bought a DRS TZ 250K with HH barrels and entered the ’87 Manx Grand Prix. In the Newcomers race, I finished 7th and  averaged 89mph. I have been back every year since and cannot see an end.

To race there was a dream but over the last 32 years I have had the privilege of winning four races and been on the podium a total of eight times in various races. I have been awarded approximately 30 replicas and an average of 70% finishing on two-strokes.

Ewan Hamilton’s excellent record on the Isle of Man TT course

It hasn’t been without headaches and a bit of pain along the way.

I’ve always looked at short circuits as a means-to-an-end to get over to the Island. In 2007 I had the opportunity to purchase my ex-Jim Moodie TZ250L back from DTR, which I had sold to him in 1990. I had ridden this bike back in 1989. I restored it and still have it today running with either a 250 or 320 engine. I have run this bike in GP Originals with a lot of heartaches!

So, for 2021 I’ve bought a BSR TZ350 and wish to do the best that I can in the GP Originals Masters class. Plus, I am going to take it to the Classic TT and saviour the sounds and smells of two-strokes once again around the Glen Helen section.

A TZ is for life not just Christmas! Enjoy 2021 and I’ll see you on the grid. I for one, cannot wait, GPO starting up has given me and the 70s/80s 250 and 350 bikes a new lease of life.

I’m proud to say I’m the 4th equal Scottish rider with Bob MacIntyre on amount of wins on the TT course. I run number 57 in GP Originals as it’s the year I was born and the first year of 100mph on the TT course by a Scotsman.

Ewan Hamilton with GP Originals at Brands Hatch 2019© Ian Boldy
Ewan Hamilton in the eye of the storm at Oulton Park in 2019 GP Originals© Alpha Photography